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Iron Man 3 reveals its real steel villains

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With filming under way right now on the Shane Black’s Iron Man 3, secrecy around the project has been tighter than the Hulks pants. With all the actors on board, we’ve been left to wonder who exactly Tony Stark would be trading repulsor blasts with next year, with fingers pointing towards a homegrown bio-terrorist from based on the extremis storyline, through to a government sponsored armoured rival.

Well, now we have visual confirmation on who that villain is exactly.Needless to say, if you don’t want to see the spoiler, you’re going to need to turn back right now. It seems that once again, the Iron Man film will be tweaking several super-villains into one comprehensive character, much like Iron Man 2 did when it combined Russian foes Crimson Dynamo and Whiplash.

So, spoilers ahead.














Say hello to the Iron Patriot. Nope, that’s not a bulletproof Captain America costume that you’re looking at, but rather the result of Stark Technology being seized and rebranded by the US government.

Originally worn and debuted by Spider-Man villain Norman “Green Goblin” Osborne during the Dark Avengers comic book storyline, the following spy photos that were taken by the Superficial confirm that the endorsed public hero and ultimate villain will be in the film.

Whether or not the Iron Patriot name will still be used, or if the character will include a mix of the Extremis and Firestorm villains as well, is uncertain right now, but it looks like once again, Stark is going to have to deal with attitude from someone sporting the star-spangled banner as a suit, once again.

Meanwhile, the Latino Review has revealed that The Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley, will also finally make his presence known, but will operate behind the scenes rather, setting the stage for Guy Pearce and his Aldrich Killian character to steal the show with an army of Extremis soldiers.

One of the criticisms of Iron Man 2 was that the film had far too much going on any one time, resulting in a mess of a film. Whether or not director Black will succumb to this film flaw is up for debate, but it looks like Stark is going to have his armoured hands full when Iron Man 3 releases next year.

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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