Is Jared Leto eyeing the role of the sorcerer supreme for DOCTOR STRANGE?

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We’ve got a director for Doctor Strange, but like most Marvel movies, this will most likely be the kind of flick where we’ll need a star that can get along with whoever is in charge. Think Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man. Joss Whedon and everyone else in the Avengers. And now, think Scott Derrickson and maybe Jared Leto.


According to Badass Digest, the Dallas Buyers Club star is being considered for the role, saying that they “have also heard that Marvel likes (or liked, I don’t know what the current status of this is) Jared Leto for Stephen Strange.” According to other industry rumours, the character of Doctor Strange will set up a new status quo in the Marvel Cinematic universe, essentially taking over the position that Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark inhabits, as the actor won’t be around forever.

Furthermore, with San Diego Comic Con around the corner, the article says that fans should “expect Derrickson – and whoever is playing Strange – to take that [Hall H] stage,” for an announcement, with the entire Phase 3 slate of films being announced as well.

Leto is a strong choice for the role. He won a well deserved Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club, and a  younger actor means that Marvel is already looking at Doctor Strange as a long-run project. These are all rumours, so pinch your salt canister as if it forgot to wear green on St Patrick’s day. But it’s a rumour that I hope is true.

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Last Updated: June 5, 2014

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