Is Loki going to be THE CROW?

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Move aside Professor X, because it looks like the big evil from the Avengers movie is planning on becoming a hero at long last. While James McAvoy was previously linked to the lead role in a reboot of the cult classic, The Crow, it looks like the trickster god that is Tom Hiddleston will be taking on that film instead.

Loki as Eric Draven? I can easily live with that.


Based on the original James O’Barr comic book, that was turned into a movie starring Brandon Lee in 1994 which ended tragically in real life, Hiddleston is currently in talks right now to don the white face paint as the rock star who comes back from the dead to avenge his death. And presumably rule over mankind while wearing a fashionable green cape and horned helmet so that he can strike back at his brother and I’m drifting again!

Right now, Spanish director F. Javier Guttierez is working on making that movie real with a script by Cliff “Warrior” Dorman. Hiddleston is also most likely a much bigger box office draw than the equally talented McAvoy right now, thanks to the Thor, Avengers and War Horse movies that he has appeared in recently.

And it also seems to be a role that the actor actually wants, which should have an actual impact on the movie in a positive way. Hiddleston has already met with the film producers, and has done some make-up tests for the part of Draven, so things looks cautiously optimistic right now.

Last Updated: April 22, 2013

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