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Is Loki going to rule all of Soho?

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Ever heard of Paul Raymond? The man was a legend back in his day, with several risky clubs and pornography businesses under his name, as well numerous tales popping up around him, describing strange excesses and pleasures.

So naturally, the man is just ripe for the ol’ biopic. And there is not one, but two in development right now actually. One stars Steve Coogan, and the other, will star Tom “Odinson” Hiddleston himself, in the title roles.

Michael “24 hour party people” Winterbottom is currently helming the Coogan Soho project, but that is being challenged, by none other than the son of Paul Raymond himself, as Howard Raymond has drafted Hiddleston to star in his film, which he hopes will start shooting next year.

“You can’t imagine how delighted I am by this, chuffed to bits,” Raymond said to The Daily Mail. “We’ve waited a long time to get the right person and in Tom we finally have.

“It’s a difficult role, not because he is playing my father but because he is in every scene in the film.” Hiddleston has been hitting the box office with a vengeance lately, with notable roles in Thor, The Avengers and War Horse, while upcoming work on The Hollow Crown for the BBC will put his theatrical skills to work.

We’ve all got nerd boners for Hiddleston lately, as the man has really proven to be a great actor, and we can’t wait to see how he handles such a tricky role.

Last Updated: June 19, 2012

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