Is Paramount building a Tom Clancy movie universe with Chris Pine, Kevin Costner and Tom Hardy?

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You may have heard of the new Jack Ryan movie that Paramount is making. With Chris Pine in the lead role as the popular literary character (who’s previously been played on screen by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck), and Kenneth Branagh directing as well as starring as the film’s villain, it’s set to introduce author Tom Clancy’s character to a new generation.

But with the addition of Kevin Costner to the cast of not just this but also another spin-off, it looks like the guys at Paramount may have been reading the Marvel Studios Guide to Making Lots of Money.

Costner had previously been linked to the role of William Harper, Ryan’s CIA mentor, but it had never been official. Now, not only was it confirmed by Deadline that he would be in the new still be to titled Jack Ryan film, but also that he would be playing the same character in Without Remorse, another of Clancy’s books to be adapted that Paramount has recently handed to Jack Reacher and Way of the Gun helmer Christopher McQuarrie to write and direct.

Without Remorse follows an ex-Navy SEAL, John Kelly, who while on his own personal mission to protect a loved one gets roped in by the CIA to assist with their mission of extracting a group of key prisoners from a North-Vietnamese POW camp (Isn’t that always the case? Just when you want some “me” time, the CIA other people drop by with their problems). Along the way, he adopts the new alias John Clark and becomes a full fledged CIA operative under the mentorship of one William Harper, the same character that Costner plays.

At this moment, Paramount have indicated that they would like none other than the man who broke the Bat himself, Tom Hardy, to play the role of Kelly/Clark, although the highly sought after actor has not actually responded yet.

Seeing as how Hardy and Pine have already acted together earlier this year in Rom-Com Action movie mashup This Means War, you’d have to know that the possibility of a future crossover film would definitely be there. On top of that, it’s been revealed that along with getting to perform in both Jack Ryan and Without Remorse, Costner’s deal includes an option to eventually lead his own starring film. (So essentially he’s the white Nick Fury!)

Personally, I’m not only happy with the casting but I actually think this is a brilliant idea if it indeed does come to fruition. The Clancy-verse won’t need quite the level of stewardship that Marvel requires for it’s universe, and I stand under no illusion that a William Harper/John Clark/Jack Ryan team-up has nowhere near the natural Box-Office draw of an Iron Man/Captain America/Thor get-together, but it would be pretty cool to see nonetheless.

Last Updated: August 21, 2012

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