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Is the world ready for more Killer Clowns from Outer Space? MGM thinks so

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I know what true horror is. It’s not a demon with blades for fingers haunting you in your dreams. It’s not a mute slasher who really hates it when teenaers get horny at summer camp. It’s not a fella whose head resembles a pin cushion, promising to show you new levels of pleasure that involve a lot of leather and chains.

It’s clowns. Mother-loving clowns who have come to feast on your flesh and soul. And they’re from outer space as well!

Back in 1988, The Charles brother trio of Stephen, Charles and Edward unleashed an unspeakable evil into cinemas in the form of Killer Clowns from Outer Space. Featuring a gang of interstellar monsters decked out in greasepaint and faces lumpier than a kid with a peanut allergy playing Russian Roulette with a bag of mixed M & Ms, this was a B-movie that wore its silliness on its sleeve.

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It was mental, it featured the clowns using grossly hilarious weapons to deadly effect (you’ll never look at cream pies the same way again after seeing this film) and it was imaginative in its design. It’s a film which is so damn silly that you can’t help but love it. So why aren’t we sitting here discussing its many sequels that it clearly deserved to have? Search me, because if Hollywood can throw an ungodly amount of money at a project like Cats, then Killer Clowns from Outer Space deserves a second shot at the big screen.

A second chance, that might finally  be happening according to Edward Chiodo who says that MGM wants to revive the property. “There’s been ongoing talk with MGM, they are keen on doing something with it, not only because of the constant sales of the DVDs and Blu-rays, the merchandising … the new IT series that came out validated the love and fear of clowns and MGM realized they are sitting on the granddaddy of them all, in terms of the genre,” Chiodo said to Comic Book.

Killer Clowns (1) (2)

But it’s really finding the right place, the right tone. What does a Killer Klowns from Outer Space movie look like in 2020? There’s a certain innocence that happened in 1987 where clowns were more universally loved than they are today, perhaps.

We’ve been in conversations on, really, all fronts. From a television series, which, personally, is one of the more exciting versions, because it gives us an opportunity to fully realize our ‘Trilogy in Four Parts’ concept. We follow new characters and some old characters over a really fun character arc that could be executed, we think, best in an hour-long TV format, but could also be adapted for a series of feature-length films to play out that scenario.

So those are the types of ideas we’re working with. We’re really just working with MGM on a way to make that happen. They’re eager to make something happen. I can’t say anything is active right now, especially in light of what’s going on with the [covid-19 pandemic], but we’re scheduled to have some conversations with them when we get through our projects right now.

There’s always a willingness on it. We’re looking for new collaborators, perhaps. Maybe bring us a new perspective on what it could be like in 2020.

We’re living in an age of fear, paranoia and absolute strangeness right now. I say we go headfirst into the crazy, embrace the clown side and throw some money at the Chiodo brothers to bring back monsters that even Pennywise would fear. Time to get weird again.

Last Updated: April 2, 2020

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