It's a frame-up! All the cool movie posters of SDCC 2014

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Age of ultron poster

Most movie posters these days, are rather crap. They’re all a mix of teal and blue backgrounds, with a cliched tagline thrown in for good measure. But Comic Con posters are a different breed. These A1 sheets can help sell a film, and the more vibrant and unique they are, the better they are. Here’s some of the best such posters which are dotting the corridors of hall H at the moment.

There’s some great stuff here. Examples of less is more, Batflecks bat-chin, the colouful world of the dead and more. And I’d love to have all of these cinematic masterpieces decorating my wall right now.

So what’s your favourite SDCC poster?

Last Updated: July 25, 2014

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