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It's morphin' time! POWER RANGERS nabs X-Men: First class writers

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Kervyn-5! We’re going to need some writers for this new Power Rangers movie! Find me some of these scribes…WITH ATTITUDE!


Lionsgate is taking their Power Rangers reboot seriously by the sounds of things, as the studio has announced that they’ve hired X-Men: First Class script-people Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz to handle the script, with Robert “Damn I’m Busy” Orci on board to executive produce according to THR.

And that’s a good sign. Power Rangers may be a cheesy memory from your childhood, but there’s still plenty of potential here. Five teens, giant Zords and an entire mythology could equal a pretty decent film along the lines of Pacific Rim and X-Men, but with more martial arts and less of that awkwardly staged choreography for even the simplest of tasks.

That’s a talent that’s on board that could also point to sequel and franchise opportunities, with high level writing talent hopefully paving the way for a 90s invasion. This could also mean that the next power Rangers movie could have a decent script and a fight with a giant monster that actually looks good, instead of having the kaiju budget of a man in spray-painted rubber rampaging through a lego set of skyscrapers.

That would be bloody amazing.

Last Updated: July 16, 2014

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  1. They should keep the morphing sequences short and stop with the posing afterwards O_o


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