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Jaden Smith readies himself to be Boy Nobody

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Ah Hollywood, if there’s one thing that we know you’re always good for, besides a steady stream of sequels that nobody asked or wanted, it’s that you’re never in short demand of child actors to use up and throw away.

One such young actor is Jaden Smith, beter known for appearing in films such as The Pursuit of Happyness, The Karate Kid and…Well, that’s it really. The son of Will “No longer a fresh prince” Smith is currently on set with his dad for the next M Night Shamwow Shamamalama Shampoo Shyamalan film, After Earth.

And after that, he’s going to be a teenage Jason Bourne.

Sony is in talks right now to adapt the Allen Zadoff novel, Boy Nobody, a story about a brainwashed teenage assassin, who happens to be a “young soldier trained not to feel; who could function in every situation without fear, sympathy or anger; who could assassinate strangers and then walk away emotionally unscathed”.

Trouble is, like several servings of Portugeuse food, those memories bubble up, re-appearing when they’re least expected, making Boy Nobody feel things that he presumably shouldn’t have to.

Like feeling super-bad about all those deaths that he’s been responsible for. Cue a search for identity, morals, action and guns, and you have the teenage adventures of Jason Bourne, minus Matt Damon being clobbered by magazine-fu.

Even though Smith has yet to commit to the project, it’s still being prepared with him in mind, with a writer and director being screened for what could be the first film in a lucrative trilogy.

Man, Hollywood sure is Hungry for films about violent teens lately, amirite?

Last Updated: April 23, 2012

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