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James Cameron unveils stunning Avatar 2 concept art… and concept car?

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The journey back to Pandora has been an incredibly long one, even for a fictitious destination that exists in another galaxy. James Cameron’s Avatar blew our minds (and box office records) with its 3D visuals back in 2008, but the ambitious filmmaker has taken his time to continue his sci-fi story as he took on other projects (some outside of filmmaking). But now Cameron is hard at work with not just Avatar 2, or even just Avatar 3 as well (both films being shot concurrently) but Avatar 4 and 5 as well at the franchise’s new home at Disney. In the last few years, while that development was happening, Cameron spoke a lot about his ideas for these sequels but now we can finally see what some of these look like as the acclaimed director dropped by CES in Las Vegas and showed off some stunning concept art for Avatar 2.

As we’ve heard before, the upcoming sequels will spend a lot of time exploring the oceanic eco-systems of Pandora (which also facilitated Cameron and co pioneering new underwater motion-capture technology) and these concept art pieces double down on that. We have some damn beautiful alien seascapes for you to goggle at [Click for hi-res].

The weird thing about these concept art pieces is that Cameron actually unveiled during Daimler’s keynote speech at CES. So what does a sci-fi movie about giant blue cat people riding four-winged flying reptiles have to do with a German car company? A lot actually as Daimler also unveiled a brand new Mercedes-Benz concept car that was inspired by the world of Avatar.

Named the Vision AVTR (which stands for both Avatar and Advanced Vehicle Transformation), this vehicle is described as an “inside-out design structure” and comes with no doors. What it does have is biometric systems that can detect your pulse and sense of breathing, and a pulsing central console used to operate the car’s functions that projects a menu onto your hand. It also boasts 33 moveable, multidirectional “bionic flaps” on its rear, designed to mimic the scales on reptiles, that will somehow supply the car with energy on top of offering the driver and passenger views of the outside world that will be projected onto a triangular screen inside the cabin.

And for any children sitting in the rear of the vehicle (who Daimler refers to as “inmates”, seriously), the front screens can be changed to monitor them while the front passenger’s pulse will be displayed on the rear of the front-seats to give youngsters “a sense of connectedness and security” to their parents. The AVTR also boasts something called a “Magic Pool” for kids which “offers learning-oriented gaming and a child-friendly augmented reality experience” via points of interests and facts about a route shown while driving. These and other features are intended to represent a “symbiotic” merger between the vehicle and its occupants, much like that between the alien Na’vi and the world of Pandora.

The AVTR also boasts axles that can rotate sideways to allow the car to “crab walk” into parking bays, seats made from vegan materials, floors made from a brand new wood type hand-harvested in Indonesia, and metal- and rare earths-free graphene-based organic cell batteries that are compostable.

It’s a damn striking vehicle (even if the rear reminds me of a nightmarish Surinam toad) and a very interesting collaboration between the worlds of movies and automobiles.

Avatar 2 is set to release on 17 December 2021, with subsequent releases in 2023, 2025, and 2027.

Last Updated: January 8, 2020

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