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James Marsden reporting in, for ANCHORMAN 2

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If there was one news anchor that was as capable, as determined as Ron Burgundy in the first Anchorman film, it was Vince Vaughn’s Wes Mantooth. A cold, calculating reporter who hated his more successful brother, Mantooth was the true villain of that piece. With an epic fight that saw the news teams of San Diego almost wipe each other out, Mantooth proved just how ruthless he was in the quest for more ratings.

And it wouldn’t be an Anchorman film if there wasn’t some form of rivalry going on behind the scenes. Has Ron Burgundy met his match in the pearly whites of James Marsden then?

Marsden is set to have a starring role in Anchorman: The Legend Continues, according to Deadline. He’ll be playing the role of a rival anchor to Ron Burgundy, alongside returning cast members Christina Applegate, Steve Carrell, David Koechner and Paul Rudd. Kristen Wiig is the other new addition to the sequel, which is currently in production for a December 20 release date.

There’s no word yet as to whether or not Marsden will be the Mantooth of this sequel, but considering that the plot has been described as the Channel Four news team facing a new climate in news reporting and presentation, it shouldn’t be too hard to imagine Marsden as the slicker face of journalism to Burgundy’s old school of warm coverage.

As for other Marsden work, he’s wrapped up appearances on the final season of 30 Rock, and can be seen next in 2 Guns.

Last Updated: February 22, 2013

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