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James Woods is a Jamesy Boy

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If the name of James Woods sounds familiar, then you’re probably remembering the veteran actor from all his classic film roles, a career that had been decidedl low profile lately.

Heck, we saw more of James Woods on episodes of Family Guy than we did of him on the big screen, but it seems that the actor is getting ready to once again appear in a slew of films.

Woods has wrapped up work on Officer Down and Straw Dogs so far, and has signed up to appear in The Stone Pony while also preparing to direct An American Girl, but it seems that the workaholic is not satisfied, as he’ll be appearing next to Ving Rhames and Mary-Louise Parker in the crime drama Jamesy Boy next.

Based on real life events that will most likely be embellished slightly, Jamesy Boy tells the tale of James Burns, a gangster who is thrown into prison who then proceeds to form a mentor-student relationship with a murderer who is trying to redeem himself, helping himself heal in the process.

While it’s unclear what roles Woods, Rhames and Parker will play in the film yet, it is known that the screenplay is being written by Lane Shadgett, with Trevor White directing Spencer LoFranco in the title role of James Burns.

Looks like this film has some serious Woods, when it starts shooting next month.

Last Updated: February 24, 2012

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