Jared Leto becomes a Yakuza in this trailer for Netflix’s The Outsider

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Our parents can do their best trying to raise us to be well-behaved and well-mannered adults one day. But no matter how much they try films continue to paint the picture that bad guys have more fun and honesty, this new trailer for Netflix’s The Outsider seems to only enforce the idea. Whether it be the Mafia, a superhero villain or even the Yakuza (which is what Jared Leto will become in this new Netflix drama) it certainly seems that being a bad guy can make like more interesting.

Set in post-war Japan, The Outsider sees Leto play an imprisoned American soldier who is set free with the help of his Yakuza cellmate. As a form of gratitude, Leto’s Nick Lowell decides to join the dark underworld of Japan and adopts the Yakuza code, which allows him to perhaps put some of his military training to good use.

The film is based off a script by Andrew Baldwin (The Take) and directed by Martin Zandvleit (Land of Mine) and seems to be quite an in-depth and violent look at the life of the mysterious Yakuza. The trailer makes the film look slow moving at first, and not tense and exciting – but I put that down to a poor choice of background music which I don’t think sets the film up well. Hopefully the product reflects some of the film’s graphic action scenes, which look more John Wick in style.

As for Leto, considering his love of making big physical transformations for his roles in films like Dallas Buyers Club, Suicide Squad and Blade Runner 2049, this looks a lot more mainstream for him. He tends to also be more of a supporting man than a big star who can lead a film so hopefully, this movie allows him to step into the limelight and show off that potential which he has shown so many other times before in smaller glimpses.

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The Outsider also stars Tadanobu Asano, Rory Cochrane, Shiori Kutsuna and Emile Hirsch and is set to release on Netflix on March, 9.

Last Updated: February 23, 2018

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