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Jason Momoa may be starring in THE CROW reboot

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Over the last few years, we’ve written a lot about the planned reboot of The Crow. And most of what we’ve written went something like “FOR CRAP’S SAKE, JUST GIVE UP AND LET IT DIE ALREADY!!”. There have been so many scrapped plans, director changes, and actors dropping out, that I think is the Universe was trying to say something. Clearly Hollywood wasn’t listening though. Although it appeared that the production had finally fizzled out for good earlier in the year, it seems that much like its titular hero, the production has come back to life again.

Unconfirmed reports of this resurrection come courtesy of Aquaman star Jason Momoa who posted a picture to his Instagram account, showing himself with director Corin Hardy – the last person trying to get this remake made – with a tantalizing note saying that the two men were about to “officially seal the deal”.

Momoa doesn’t explicitly mention The Crow reboot, but with Mashable‘s own sources confirming that the actor had indeed been circling the role and that Hardy has no other projects that he’s casting, it’s easy to put the pieces of this puzzle together. Alex Proyas’ original 1994 feature film was an adaptation of James O’Barr’s comic book, which told the tale of rocker Eric Draven, who is violently killed along with his fiancée by some local street thugs. Eric is brought back from the dead though by a mystical Crow spirit to avenge his own death as well as that his fiancée.

The original was a critically praised favourite starring the late Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) but received even more mythical status when Lee died in a tragic on-set accident just days before production was set to wrap. A number of sequels followed, which much like follow-ups to O’Barr’s original comic, told of different resurrected heroes, but none of which managed to come close to reaching the success of the original.

Momoa would make a rather intriguing casting though, and not just because the Aquaman actor would now be pulling double duty as far as comic book heroes are concerned. Out of all of the actors that have previously led the movies, he’s the first one that is a genuine hulking badass – yes, martial arts legend Mark Dacascos was also in the mix, but he’s not exactly an intimidating looking individual. Momoa always brings a feral intensity to all his roles (his scenes in Game of Thrones still give me goosebumps), so it will be very interesting to see how the character is adapted to suit his strengths.

And yes, this does in fact mean that I once again have some investment in a reboot of The Crow. Sigh. Why do I do this, when I know this production is just doomed? WHY?!

Last Updated: August 11, 2016


  1. James Francis

    August 11, 2016 at 16:13

    I can see him take Michael Wincott’s role. But the lead?


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