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Jason Statham and James Franco are going to the HOMEFRONT

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Jason Statham and James Franco have been a busy pair of actors recently, with Statham finishing up work on a second Expendables film, Parker and Hummingbird, while Franco has earned a few paychecks with The Iceman, Lovelace and Spring Breakers.

The two of them will be joining forces for a new though, called Homefront, that has a script written by none other than Sylvester Stallone himself, most likely with a computer that had an explosive hard-drive attached to it in case of a Vietcong attack.

Homefront will be an action movie that will star Statham as a former DEA agent by the name of Broker, trying to leave his violent lifestyle behind him, but darnit, carnage just seems to follow him everywhere as Franco’s character, a druglord by the name of Gator, wants him out of his town.

If I don’t hear the line “Gator don’t play that way!”, I’m going to be immensely disappointed. So far, it sounds like a safe formula for Statham to do what he does best, namely hitting people really, really, hard, while Franco will be playing his second drug kingpin role in recent memory, following on from Spring Breakers.

Gary “Runaway Jury” Fleder directs, with Stallone and Avi Lerner producing. “Sly’s script is fantastic, and James and Jason are remarkable,” Lerner said to Variety. “I cannot think of a better group to put this film on the big screen.”

Shooting starts in the good parts New Orleans in September.

Last Updated: August 1, 2012

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