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Rumour: Joaquin Phoenix and Margot Robbie in consideration for roles in Disney’s Peter Pan live-action adaptation

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After bringing one of the most iconic villains to life in a hauntingly realistic way with The Joker, Joaquin Phoenix might be after yet another famous villain. Reports reveal that the actor is being considered by Disney for the role of Captain Hook in their live-action Peter Pan adaptation titled Peter Pan and Wendy.

Disney announced the plan to bring a live-action adaptation of their popular 1953 film to life only last month, but it seems since then they are wasting no time in looking to identify big stars for the film. The report comes from The Illuminerdi (so take with a pinch of salt) who claims that Phoenix has been offered the role of the unhinged and menacing pirate captain, though at the time there was no confirmation if Phoenix had accepted the role or not.

With Phoenix the favourite to win Best Actor at the upcoming Oscar awards thanks to his stellar portrayal of Arthur Fleck and his transformation into the Joker, the timing is perfect for him to star in another big role of a similar ilk. Given the actor’s aversion to big-budget roles, I find it unlikely he will want to consider this one, regardless of how good he may be for it though. Captain Hook was previously played by Dustin Hoffman in Spielberg’s live-action take on the Peter Pan franchise, but that was more of a cartoonish and campy take on the role, whereas Phoenix could bring a much more nuanced, but clinically malevolent approach to the character.

Phoenix is not the only currently Oscar-nominated star in talks for the film though as The Illuminerdi also says that Margot Robbie has been offered the role of Tinker Bell in the film, another bit of casting that would be spot on if she accepts. Robbie is more au fait with a big-budget movie at this early point in her career, though she too has a packed schedule and so it will be interesting to see if she accepts the role.

Both Phoenix and Robbie would be great additions to a film like this, even if there is no guarantee they will star in it. Disney is one studio with a lot of pull right no and so it will interest to see if they can pull this off. With a script still in early development and no director announced for the project yet, we may need to wait for those to fall into place before we see whether or not the stars will jump on board.

Last Updated: February 5, 2020


  1. HairyEwok

    February 5, 2020 at 09:16

    Tinkerbell with a Boston accent and a bat full of sparkles could work…. I guess.


  2. D@rCF0g

    February 5, 2020 at 08:48

    He could actually make a pretty damn good villain. I just hope Hollywood won’t paint him as a villain in all future movies. That would be very sad.


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