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Joe Cornish is going to RUST

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Much like the glowing fanged aliens (what, does their diet just consist of ravers?) to be found in it, Joe Cornish’s Attack the Block came out of nowhere. But with him then going on to co-write Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s Adventures of Tintin, as well being tapped to adapt Neal Stephenson’s famed sci-fi novel Snow Crash, it’s safe to say that the young writer-director has made it to the big time.

But that doesn’t mean that he’s still not going to tell smaller sci-fi stories, like doing an adaptation of Royden Lepp’s graphic novel, Rust.

Printed by Archaia Press, the 2011 graphic novel tells the story of Roman Taylor, an eldest son struggling to keep afloat his family farm in the rural prairie lands, after the area was ravaged by a great and mysterious world war fought by robots a generation ago. Their tough but peaceful lifestyle is interrupted though when a jetpack sporting boy, aptly named Jet, crash lands on their farm, being chased by a decommissioned war robot. While the rest of the Taylor clan mistrusts Jet, Roman believes that the young boy and his robot may be the key to their prosperity.

The graphic novel was a critical darling upon release, which means that Cornish will certainly have his work cut out for him, especially as a large percentage of that praise was for Lepp’s use of just charming and emotive artwork with very sparse dialogue to tell his story. It’s something that will be very hard to duplicate on film, without coming across as bland or empty. Done right, with just the right amount of charm and emotion though, and this could be an amazing story, in the vein of The Iron Giant (for it’s charm, not it’s lack of box office success).

It will be interesting to note though, that thus far only the first out of a proposed four parts to this story has been released thus far, so I’m not too sure how they will be adapting this for a screenplay. Especially considering the fact that according to the report from Deadline, FOX has made this film a priority now that Cornish has committed to it.

Last Updated: July 12, 2012

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