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John Goodman is going to hunt the wolf-pack in THE HANGOVER 3

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If there’s one thing that The Hangover films have going for them, it’s the colourful people that the wolf pack runs into during their drunken escapades, from an Asian gangster who chews scenery like a plague of locusts on a cornfield, to Mike Tyson demanding to know the whereabouts of his tiger.

And it looks they may have just pissed off their most dangerous foe yet, as John Goodman is now in talks to join the film.

According to Variety, Goodman will have a small but substantial role as the antagonist of the third film “in the vein of the character Paul Giamatti played in Hangover II.” If you remember Giamatti even being in that film, that is.

Then again, knowing Goodman, he’s the kind of actor who can make the briefest of appearances memorable, so this might not be a bad thing at all, if his part has some meat to it.

It’s apparently a role that director Todd Phillips been looking to fill for quite a while now, and had previously scouted Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jr for it. If Goodman accepts, he’ll be joining series regulars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis.

Sasha Barrese, Justin Bartha, Ken Jeong, Mike Epps, Heather Graham, and possibly Mike Tyson, are also slated to appear. As for the plot details of the upcoming Hangover film, that’s still being kept secret, although early rumours suggest that the gang may be breaking Galifianakis’ character, Alan, out of a mental asylum in Tijuana, Me-hee-co.

Drink the worm Amigo, drink the worm! The Hangover 3 is scheduled for next year, May 24.



Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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