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John Woo eyes the Day of the Beast, in his remake iron-sights

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He may be preoccupied right now with creating Chinese period piece epics, but that doesn’t mean that the number one pigeon and gunfight enthusiast that is John Woo, isn’t interested in returning to grim and gritty projects any time soon.

Between numerous other films that are vying for his attention like a tramp-stamp in front of a neglectful father, Woo is giving a certain gangster flick his next top priority, as he seeks to remake Day of the Beast.

Day of the Beast was a 1963 film that saw one unlucky foreigner getting caught up in the middle of a brutal gang war, between the Japanese Yakuza and the Russian mob.

The original was directed by Seijun “I don’t know enough about this guy to give him a cool middle name” Suzuki. Rob Frisbee is currently typing up a script for the remake.

Did I say remake? I meant tribute-remake, totally different  thing, as Woo explained;

This remake is my salute to the great films and filmmakers produced by Nikkatsu’s 100 years in cinema history.

Okay then. Anyway, I’m personally hoping that he uses this film to reunite with Nicholas Cage again. Daddy needs some new Cage-memes, you dig?

Last Updated: May 17, 2012

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