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Josh Boone shares details on what his New Mutants trilogy would’ve looked like

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We’ve heard before from director Josh Boone about how he had originally planned for his forthcoming New Mutants film to be part of a trilogy. That was, however, before the movie ran into production issues with Fox not quite happy with the overall tone of the initial project. Then, when Disney acquired the studio and the movie, it was believed it might get tossed out amongst all of the other bigger Disney and Marvel project in the work. Disney, however, liked what they saw of the original Boone film and so is getting ready to release the film.

Does that mean that chances of an actual trilogy could still be on? Well, that’s unlikely, especially given all the time that has passed since when the film was shot and t now getting released. Though if Disney were to ever explore the idea of a New Mutants trilogy, it seems Boone has already laid out a plan on exactly how it will look, as he shard in a recent interview with Comic Book Movie:

When we sold it originally, we conceptually sold it as a trilogy, with the second one being an alien invasion movie set in Brazil where Roberto is, where his dad is, who is part of the Hellfire Club. Then, the last one was hopefully going to dovetail with the X-Men movies and we were going to do Inferno, that crossover, which had all these supernatural, satanic horror elements.

The idea was to try to do a different genre, subgenre, of horror movie with each of these movies. That was the idea, but it wasn’t something we thought much about because of the merger and everything else.

I like the idea of each movie exploring a different genre of horror and giving audiences something different to look forward to. It sounds like he has quite a well-crafted idea in his head of where he wants the story to go too, something that is worth investing in. Plus, the darker take on the X-Men world would be welcome. I will reserve judgment though on whether he should be given a chance to make those trilogies until I finally get to see the movie and see if it really is going to be as cool as the trailer make it look, or if Fox was right about it all along and the movie is not all quite all there.

Speaking of the movie itself, the studio dropped some new scenes from the film ahead of its release in the US:

Last Updated: August 25, 2020

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