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Josh Gad is going to be screaming it up in KINISON

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We’ve spoken before about our love for comedian Bill Hicks, but he was just one of many such performers in age where comedy finally found a pair of brass balls. One other notable comedian had to be the loud-mouthed Sam Kinison, a screamer with a bone to pick about everything in life. And he’ll be shouting it up on the big screen when he finally gets his own biopic.

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Josh “Book of Mormon” Gad will be donning the beret and several issues as the madman comic in Kinison. Larry “Borat” Charles will be taking the directing lead on that project, based off of by Rich “Airheads” Wilkes which was in turn adapted from the book Brother Sam that was written by Bill Kinison.

According to Deadline, the film already has several producers lined up, with David Permut commenting that the film will be a down to earth portrayal of the deceased comedian:

There was nothing conventional about Sam Kinison and neither will be the cinematic interpretation of his life. Larry Charles is the perfect director to bring Rich Wilkes’ incredible script to screen, and Josh Gad’s tremendous ability to morph into a role will bring great depth to Kinison’s larger than life persona.

Over on Twitter, Gad had the following to say about being offered the role:

Kinison was your typical cult comedian. On topic, loud and filled with enough drugs and alcohol to kill an elephant. Kinison died back in 1992 when in a massive twist of irony, the then sober comedian was killed in a drunk driver collision.

Kinison is the kind of comedian that everyone needs to listen to at least once in their life. Controversial yet inciting, this is the kind of movie that I’m looking forward to. Sounds pretty solid so far.

Last Updated: August 6, 2013

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  1. Love this guy, second only to Bill Hicks (as you can tell from my username) can’t wait two see both these films…
    Please don’t fuck it up….


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