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Julianne Moore might be THE KINGSMAN 2 villain, but there’s no sign of Colin Firth

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2016 might be the year that no one saw an R-Rated comic book movie become so successful, but we have short memories. Last year’s Valentine’s weekend release, Kingsman: The Secret Service ticked basically all the same boxes as Deadpool did. Over-the-top hilarious, gory and oh-so-meta, the only major difference was that Kingsman was about spies instead of superheroes, and had more British accents. Well, okay, Kingsman didn’t break fifty box office records, but that we know Deadpool’s enormous fanbase had a lot to do with that.

Despite never hitting the number one spot, Kingsman still earned more than $410 million worldwide, so naturally 20th Century Fox have greenlit a sequel. There’s no word on plot details yet, but according to THR, Julianne Moore is in talks to star as the film’s villain. No other details are known, but considering the legacy of Samuel L. Jackson’s amazing performance in the first film, there’s a lot to live up to there.

THR also confirmed that Matthew Vaughn will be returning to direct, and Taron Egerton will also be back to portray the lead character and new generation spy Eggsy. At the moment though, there’s no sign of Colin Firth returning as the gentleman Harry Hart. Vaughn has previously mentioned including Firth in the potential sequels after (SPOILER ALERT, spoiler for a year-old movie in-coming, and if you haven’t seen Kingsman yet then, well, you suck and you need to go watch it right now) Harry Hart took a rather serious bullet to the face in close range, but various explanations from twin brothers to flashbacks have all allegedly been rejected. Which is a lot better in my opinion, the first film was very much about passing the torch to the younger generation, they need to let it go.

So we don’t know much yet, but with Julianne Moore’s potential inclusion, looks like we’ll be seeing the State-side Kingsman adventure Vaughn was talking about a year ago after all. The Kingsman 2 starts shooting mid-2016 and is scheduled for release in June 2017.

Last Updated: February 18, 2016


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