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Jurassic Park to be re-released in 3D next year

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OK go ahead, waggle your fingers in my direction, make disapproving “tut tut” noises and call me a giant hypocrite. It’s OK, not only do I deserve it, but I can take it.

Because as much as I raged on George Lucas and his even further milking of the Star Wars franchise by re-releasing Episode 1 in 3D earlier this year, you can bet your damn dinosaur dollars that 17 months from now you’ll find my hypocritical butt bobbing and weaving in my seat as a 30 foot tall T-Rex tries to bite off my face.

Steven Spielberg had previously stated that he regretted the digital tinkering that he did on E.T., and that he will ensure that all future versions of his classic Indiana Jones films will be the original theatrical releases. However, he also mentioned that if there was one of his films that he would be willing to revisit for a 3D post-conversion, it would be his 1993 dinosaur adventure, Jurassic Park. At the time it was just idle chatter, but now it looks like it’s being made reality.

Variety’s Jeff Sneider just dropped the news via his twitter feed that a 3D re-release of the film has now been scheduled for a July 19, 2013 release.

Now, while I have pooed all over 3D films in the past, I am certainly not against the technology itself. I am against filmmakers rather using it’s higher ticket prices to get a bigger box-office return, instead of, you know, actually making a good film. Also, not every film deserves to be taken into the 3rd dimension as their content just wouldn’t benefit from it.

Jurassic Park though, doesn’t fall into either of these categories. It’s already an amazing film and deserves to be seen by as many wide-eyed kids (and stupid grin sporting adults) as possible. There are also a large number of its scenes for which the argument could be made that they already have some of the scene composition needed to make good use of 3D.

Of course at this stage, there’s no footage at all to judge the quality of the 3D, but the last time a true master film maker took to the technology, we got Martin Scorcese’s amazing Hugo. Spielberg’s biggest problem would be that a large portion of Jurassic Park (and arguably its most 3D-friendly scenes) are night-time scenes, and one of 3D’s massive drawbacks is that it doesn’t play well with scenes that are not brightly lit. The resultant loss of clarity and brightness is a problem that’s going to require some talented hands to overcome. Luckily, hands don’t come much more talented than Spielberg’s.

So yes, despite almost always giving 3D the stink-eye, I am indeed excited for a 3D film. You may now commence with the name-calling.

Last Updated: March 16, 2012

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