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JURASSIC WORLD sequel officially finds its "impossible" director

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As much as I enjoyed Jurassic World, silly moments and all, I can safely say that most of my enjoyment didn’t stem from the directing of helmer Colin Trevorrow. To begin with, Trevorrow was an odd choice as the one to revitalize the blockbuster franchise, with the only credit to his name being the charming but very low-key indie sci-fi comedy Safety Not Guaranteed. And with there being virtually none of the whimsical charm of his previous work to be found in Jurassic World, it was the much beloved tropes of the franchise and the pure likeability of leads Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard that really kept me watching. Trevorrow, for all intents and purposes, merely turned in a Spielberg-lite impersonation.

I have a feeling the same lack of distinct directing flavour won’t be happening with the film’s planned sequel though – at least I bloody well hope so – as THR are reporting that The Impossible’s Juan Antonio Bayona has now been officially tapped by Universal Pictures to helm the still untitled sequel.


Bayona originally garnered international attention with his 2007 debut, the award-winning Spanish horror film The Orphanage. It was in 2012 though when the movie world really sat up and took notice of the Spanish filmmaker when he wrote and directed The Impossible, a gut wrenching true-story disaster drama about a family trying to survive the cataclysmic 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. We really loved The Impossible, with its combination of Oscar-nominated acting, hard hitting character drama, tense action beats and jaw-dropping big budget special effects. And I’m hoping that Bayona can bring those same elements – with some added dino fun, of course – to the Jurassic World sequel.

Universal obviously are hoping for the same thing, because as you may recall, they have actually been after Bayona for a while now for the gig. Unfortunately he was under contract with Paramount to direct their World War Z sequel. When work on that film stalled, Paramount even tried to keep him on their books by hiring new writers for the project just so that it won’t fall flat and Bayona would jump ship. Well it did, and now he has, and I personally cannot wait to see what he delivers.

Jurassic World

With Jurassic World having shattered records upon release, and eventually going on to take a thunderous $1.6 billion chomp out of the global box office, Bayona will certainly have some major shoes to fill. Hopefully they’re not high heels as well.

The new film will still see Trevorrow’s name in the credits though, as he will still be returning to once again co-write with his writing partner Derek Connolly while also producing. It has also been confirmed that Pratt and Howard will be back to lead this next chapter in the franchise which currently has a June 22, 2018 release date.

Last Updated: April 19, 2016

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