Katana “is the deadliest” member of the Suicide Squad

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Deadshot has wrist-mounted guns and a keen eye to hit any target he sees. Captain Boomerang has those weird sticks that always come back at you when you try to throw them away and Killer Croc has a face for radio to go with his surly disposition. All great characters, with unique personalities that have been in some form of media before as DC’s Suicide Squad film rumbles on towards an August release.

But what about Katana? Unless you watched a few episodes of Arrow or the criminally underrated Beware The Batman, you probably know little to buggerall about this character, who has been knocking around in the comic books for ages now. A trained swordsman with a link to the spiritual world thanks to her Soultaker sword, Katana is the kind of person that you do not want to piss off.

A trait that has survived for her big screen debut in Suicide Squad, as actress Karen Fukuhara explained that her rigid moral code and devotion to protecting Suicide Squad leader Rick Flag made her a force to be reckoned with. “I think she’s one of the deadliest… she is the deadliest. Yeah, she is the deadliest,” Fukuhara said to CBR.


She’s not into fighting for herself. It’s for someone else. And when someone doesn’t care about her own well-being — to kill someone else and to protect someone — that makes her the scariest one. Try fighting someone that doesn’t care about what the outcome is for them, you know? You’re going against someone who’s going to give it their all no matter how many times you shoot at them.

That’s why she’s so badass.

When someone doesn’t care about her own well-being — to kill someone else and to protect someone — that makes her the scariest one.

I’ll say. That Soultaker sword I mentioned earlier? It literally can pull a Shang Tsung and siphon your spirit right out of your body, trapping it in the blade for all eternity.Throw in hand to hand skills that make her lethal even without her trademark sword, and Katana could give Batman a run for his money. Y’know, that pointy-eared fella who has his cameo in Suicide Squad next month.

Last Updated: July 13, 2016

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