Keanu Reeves discusses film-making. Whoa.

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It’s hard nowadays to get anyone to take your documentary seriously. That labour of love, that you spent so many years working on, will sadly struggle to see the light of day, or will most likely result in an OPEC death-squad being sent to your house for that rugged expose you made about the oil industry.

The easy way however, is to become a celebrated actor and spend the next two decades appearing in some popular, cult and classic films. Keanu Reeves has ticked all the requirements above, and thanks to a little star-power, the actor has a documentary appearing soon, that also has some major names appearing in it.Side by side is the name of the Whoa’d ones doccie, and features such as cinematic heavy-hitters as James Cameron, Christopher Nolan, Robert Rodriguez, David Lynch, George Lucas and Martin Scorsese as they discuss the film-making process, from classic 35mm film all the way through to the digital medium.

Premiering at the Berlin International Film Festival next month, this should be an interesting look at the past,present and future of film.

Last Updated: January 20, 2012

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