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Could Kellan Lutz be the next HE-MAN?

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When I was a seven-year old kid (and yes, that was a long time ago) I used to love the Masters of The Universe. If you did not have a He-Man action figure and the Castle Grayskull set to play with it in, you simply were not cool enough. In hindsight, I don’t think I was ever cool anyway – but I digress. The heroes from the fictional planet of Eternia were still huge favourites of mine growing up. As I’ve gotten older though, I guess I feel a lot less for the classic animated kids show.

I’ve since realised that the toys were simply a boy version of Barbie dolls which makes it seem infinitely less cool now, though what did I care back then? The TV show also hasn’t aged well when I see it today. There was also a movie back in 1987 – though even as a kid I thought that was terrible.

However, despite the series being not so fondly stored in my memory, I am still excited about the effort to resurrect it and make another movie of the true Masters of the Universe. And not just any Masters, but the Master – with the stupidly named lead character in the series, He-Man, being the focus on a movie that Sony is looking to make with McG (Charlie’s Angels) as director.

However if they are going to make a film about He-Man, the key question then is, who will they get to play the popular character? And it looks like Sony has an answer for that too, with Kellan Lutz possibly set to play the character. The actor, who found success as a supporting character in the Twilight Saga, hasn’t actually starred in anything of substance, with The Legend of Hercules his only other noticeable movie, so I’m not sure what to make of this news. He certainly looks like a potential physical match for the role though.


The news was revealed by Lutz himself who posted the following on his twitter page:

And its seems at least one fan is excited about the prospect of this, posting the below picture:

Lutz is not exactly an actor you think of to reboot a potentially wining franchise, but the last actor to play the role in the movie, Dolph Lundgren was not exactly an acting genius and so it seems it is one of those roles they see where brawn is of more importance than other talent. What that has to say about the type of movie we can expect for this role is not something I am too excited about.

And this is only an introduction film on the character of He-Man, so we can probably expect that another bigger Masters of the Universe movie is still on its way, though they might wait to see the success of this solo film and its lead first. I’m also keen to see if they will introduce Skeletor into this film, or rather let He-Man face up against other villains and build up to this bigger show-down.

It is important to note that this news is not a confirmation that Lutz is in talks for the role and all is still speculation. We will have to see how the rumours play out on this one and if there is any substance to it in the future.

What do you make of the news of the Masters of the Universe reboot and potential new He-Man?

Last Updated: June 28, 2016

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