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Kylie Minogue sings and French people are crazy in these clips and trailer for MOTOR CITY

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I have nothing to say about new critical darling French film, Holy Motors. Actually, let me rephrase that: I have no idea what to say after seeing the first footage for the film. And not because it’s too boring, no. It’s just that I’m writing this as my work day is about to begin and I feel that the mind altering pharmaceuticals I may need to understand and aptly provide a blurb for this vision of madness, may hamper the rest of my day.

Imaginary full-sized, one-eyed leprechauns are not conducive to a good working environment. Or so I’ve been told.

Here’s the rather lengthy synopsis for the film, which will already give you touch of the insanity, followed by the film’s new international trailer.

Over the course of a single day, Monsieur Oscar travels by limousine around Paris to a series of nine “appointments,” transforming into new characters or incarnations at each stop. Fetched in the morning by Céline, his trusty chauffeur on this surreal journey, Oscar begins the day as a captain of industry. Then he becomes a gypsy crone, begging for spare change on a bridge over the Seine. Inside a digital production facility, he’s a ninja warrior transformed by cutting edge technology into a reptilian sex god. Next he’s a gibberish-spewing troglodyte who kidnaps a fashion model from a photo shoot in Père-Lachaise cemetery, ferrying her to his underground lair in the sewers. Then he’s the melancholy father of a teenage daughter,followed by a shadowy assassin sent to kill his own doppelgänger, a dying old man, and finally a thwarted lover revisiting a flame from his past atop a decaying Right Bank department store next to the Pont-Neuf. Monster movie, film noir, romantic drama, musical, crime thriller, futuristic sex fantasia… “Holy Motors” is all of these and, then again, none of these. It is a ravishing, shape-shifting, fever dream of becoming, unraveling and starting all over again. From celluloid magic to the digital data stream, Monsieur Oscarʼs epic journey of the soul is all of our dreams.

As well as the trailer, 2 newly released clips have popped up that gives Kylie Minogue a chance to stretch her vocal legs (which is a horrible metaphor, but I’m just going to blame that on drugs) and star Denis Lavant to wax crazy lyrical about films to a man that may or may not be in his imagination.

As you can see by all the quotes in that first trailer, the film has been garnering its fair share of praise from the international critics, but I have a feeling that writer/director Leos Carax’s “bonkers” visual masterpiece may not go down with everybody. Particularly people that have that irritating little habit of actually wanting to know that hell is going on in a story.

For those of you with more daring cinematic palates, Holy Motors apparently promises you a highly original cinematic experience that you’ll never forget. Except with the help of therapy.

The film is getting a limited international release this Friday, 26 October.

Last Updated: October 23, 2012

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  1. Matthew Holliday

    October 23, 2012 at 14:10

    what is this i dont even
    i will watch this though
    it looks entertaining, i think


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