Laurence Fishburne gets ready to fight cannibalistic cavemen

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There seems to be a new trend in Hollywood lately, that has their actors engaging in all manner of survival against the worst of human nature and the wilderness around them.

First, producers found footage of Liam Neeson hunting for food and turned it into a film that was called “The Grey”, and now, famed actor and part-time forensic pathologist Laurence Fishburne is getting ready to tackle a survival tale that stretches back to the dawn of modern man, in The Colony.

Currently in final negotiations to star in the $16 million Canadian indie film that will be directed by Jeff Renroe, Fishburne will star alongside Kevin Zegers in a film that sees survivors of the Ice Age fight off an invasion of wild cannibals.

Other cast additions are being kept under wraps for now, and the film is written by Patrick Tarr, Pascal Trottier and Svet Rouskov, while production duties are being handled by Item 7 and Mad Samurai productions, with Paul Barkin, Colin Brunton, Matthew Cervi, Pierre Evenand Marie-Claude Poulin also sharing credits.

Laurence Fishburne versus early man flesh-eaters in a frozen tundra? Lets see him forensic his way out of that. In the mean time, the actor has also shot scenes as Superman/Clark Kent’s boss, newspaper editor Perry White for the upcoming Man of Steel.

Last Updated: February 16, 2012

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