Leatherface is definitely still flogging that dead horse with the trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3D

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A few weeks ago, Kervyn brought us the official poster and synopsis for the new Texas Chainsaw 3D film, also named as such. If that rang your bell then you will definitely be interested in the new trailer, with Leatherface in all his glory!

There is just something about the Texas Chainsaw franchise that keeps people coming back for more and I’ve never quite managed to figure out why. Well, to be fair, there is nothing we love more than seeing a bunch of terrible but photogenic teenagers get slaughtered by hillbillies but this particular franchise has been redone and reworked (mostly terribly) so many times that I can’t help but sigh when a new one appears, as with Holloween films.

That said, Leatherface is definitely back and he is set to terrorise a whole new batch of people in a new location on a large Texas estate, which I suspect will be quite to his delightful family’s liking.

So, hark apon the trailer for the new film, give your opinion and also tell me what it is that draws us to these films so much…

As far as guilty pleasures go, these films are definitely right up there so time will tell if Leatherface gets his slice of the box office.

Last Updated: September 14, 2012

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