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Liam Neeson is contemplating how to put his particular set of skills to use in this first poster for TAKEN 2

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While I still remain unconvinced on the actual narrative merits of a sequel to Taken, the fact of the matter is that it’s just about physically impossible for me to say no to watching Liam Neeson neeson people in the face. Yes, his name is a verb now, that’s how badass he is.

Thus far we’ve seen a few images of Neeson dispatching some unnamed villains with his usual efficiency, as well as taking time out of his busy neesoning schedule to issue possibly the greatest Father’s Day card ever.

Now we get our first badass poster, complete with it’s very own no-nonsense tagline.

I love how, instead of some type of rebuttal to the fact that “they’re coming for him”, the poster then just shows Neeson’s face, which really is all the answer you could need.

Just look at that man. That’s a man that’s contemplating how to maim and dismember these unfortunate pursuers, with about the same level of passion you display when making up grocery lists. And it’s that calm efficiency that spells violently bad news for whomever the unfortunate sods are on the business end of his guns and fists.

The last time he single-handedly dismantled an entire human trafficking operation, eradicating every single element right from the grass roots level flunkies all the way up to the fat cats at the top. All within a day or two. This time around, I won’t be surprised if he just punches an entire country to death, just to be safe.

Although there is no official synopsis yet, Neeson recently elaborated on the plot which sees him, his wife and daughter on vacation in Istanbul when he is kidnapped by the family members of those hoodlums he so thoroughly exterminated in the first film.

“The action is supposed to take place about a year or a year and a half after the first story. It’s a very clever sequel with the usual thrills and spills, but the ante is upped quite a bit in this one… They kidnap him to humiliate him, torture him, and ultimately bring him back to the village in Albania where the boys from the original film came from. With the help of my daughter… she wants to help me escape from where these bad guys have me”

Bye bye, Albania. It was nice knowing you.

Robert Mark Kamen (Taken, The Fifth Element, Gladiator, Lethal Weapon 3, The Transporter, Kiss of the Dragon, The Karate Kid) is returning to co-write the script with producer/writer Luc Besson, while Olivier “I named myself after a bomb” Megaton (Transporter 3, Colombiana) will be taking over the director’s chair from Pierre Morel. And while Transporter 3 did not impress me at all, Megaton showed a marked improvement in action direction with Colombiana which displayed plenty of flashes of the type of gritty action that Taken 2 will need, the movie was just bogged down by a highly unbelievable and physically incapable action heroine.

But as half of the illegal immigrants in France (those who are still alive and eating through a straw, that is) can attest, that certainly won’t be the case here.

Last Updated: June 19, 2012

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