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Listen to me: watch this trailer for David O' Russell's JOY

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Writer/director David O. Russell, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have teamed up twice now already for American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, and both times resulted in some serious silverware for all parties involved. So while I’m not much of a betting man, I’d bet dollars to donuts that they should probably start making some new space on their awards shelf for their latest collaboration.

Joy may see Cooper take a smaller role than those previous flicks, but for the upcoming fact-based comedy-drama Russell has also surrounded Lawrence with an incredible support cast and given the talented young actresses yet another really chunky role to sink her thespian teeth into. Described by Russell to The Playlist as “a very intense emotional and existential look at a woman’s heart and soul as she becomes powerful,” Joy sees Lawrence’s titular character as the struggling single mother who drastically changed her life when she invented the Miracle Mop. Yes, the Miracle Mop.

That may not exactly sound like the most dramatic premise for a movie, but based on this slick first trailer, Joy looks to be another tour-de-force performance from both award-winning filmmaker and actress, and probably also serves as the first big reminder that we’ll be on the road to Oscar season soon. Check it out below.

JOY is the wild story of a family across four generations centered on the girl who becomes the woman who founds a business dynasty and becomes a matriarch in her own right. Betrayal, treachery, the loss of innocence and the scars of love, pave the road in this intense emotional and human comedy about becoming a true boss of family and enterprise facing a world of unforgiving commerce. Allies become adversaries and adversaries become allies, both inside and outside the family, as Joy’s inner life and fierce imagination carry her through the storm she faces.

Joy also stars Robert De Niro, Edgar Ramirez, Isabella Rossellini, Diane Ladd, and Virginia Madsen. It will start mopping up (yuk yuk) the box office tickets as from Christmas Day.

Last Updated: July 16, 2015


  1. James Francis

    July 16, 2015 at 11:12

    David O Russell: proof that you can be a total maniac asshole and still make movies as long as you create hits.


    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      July 16, 2015 at 13:18

      Of course, it’s only the money that matters. It only comes back to bite you when the money dries up. I think they call it “business ethics”.


      • James Francis

        July 16, 2015 at 14:52

        I’d have thought I Love Huckabees would have tanked him, but then he rebounded with American Hustle. Which I thought was overrated shit, but that’s one opinion…


  2. Alien Emperor Trevor

    July 16, 2015 at 13:19

    It’s an inspirational Xmas movie. Should’ve watched the trailer before eating my lunch.


    • James Francis

      July 17, 2015 at 11:18

      Damn, that WAS kinda sappy. How dare your comment make me look at the trailer?


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