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Local Weekend Box Office Report – The Dark Tower stands over the ashes of worst weekend in 2017

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This weekend past the US box office was finally dragged out of its record low slump by a creepy clown of all things. No, not Donald Trump. I’m talking about Pennywise in the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s It which broke records as it debuted internationally last Friday. It only hits SA screens this coming Friday though, which means that locally we’re still stuck in the doldrums.

This is exemplified by The Dark Tower – coincidentally another Stephen King adaptation, except it’s a terrible one – which debuted in the top spot locally last weekend but could only muster a dismal R1.6 million. Its lack of performance was echoed throughout the charts as Logan Lucky, Steven Soderbergh’s awesome star-studded return to heist films, couldn’t even cross the half a million rand mark as it debuted in sixth place. Fellow newcomers The Exception, The Glass Castle and 9/11 only had very limited releases, so they couldn’t really make much of an impact overall as they ended up outside of the top 10.

Arguably the best performing entry on the charts was animated family film The Son of Bigfoot which kept its third place from last week as it only dropped 28%. It still didn’t do well, but I said “only” because everything else fell considerably more. All of these factors combined meant that this weekend past only had a total earning of R7.5 million – officially the lowest combined total weekend gross for 2017. That clown can’t get here fast enough!

Let’s see what the rest of the South African box office chart looks like:

No.Movie Name Weekend gross Percentage change Local gross Last Week's Position
1The Dark Tower R1.66 million NA R1.66 million NE
2The Hitman's Bodyguard R859 578 -43% R9.5 million 1st
3The Son of Bigfoot R857 975 -28% R7.7 million 3rd
4American Made R809 090 -38% R2.7 million 2nd
5Girls Trip R609 840 -38% R13.4 million 4th
6Logan Lucky R440 003 NA R440 003 NE
7Annabelle: Creation R423 712 -37% R3.4 million 6th
8Atomic Blonde R393 614 -52% R4.2 million 5th
9Despicable Me 3 R272 843 -35% R45.5 million 8th
10The Bounce Back R246 855 -49% R911 346 7th

(NA = Not Applicable, NE = New Entry)

Last Updated: September 13, 2017


  1. Really excited for Pennywise!


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