Lock yourself in, with these prison zombie pics from THE WALKING DEAD

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I’m not a really a fan of The Walking Dead TV series. Having experienced the zombie apocalypse through its original medium, comic books, the TV show has come off as a boring, underwhelming experience, that swaps logic for scenarios derived from an episode of the DayZ of our lives (ARMA fans, you can thank me later for that).

But now, the show might finally be picking up, if these third season promotional shots are anything to go by.Rick Grimes and friends are headed to jail in the upcoming series, but this time, they’re doing so to escape the undead, as maximum penitentiary also equals maximum safety.

Solid walls, jails, fences and leftover ordinance means that the crew will be able to bunker up, but ask anyone who has read the comics, and they’ll let you know that their penal paradise isn’t as welcoming as previously imagined.

“I’m incredibly proud of the prison,” said showrunner Glen Mazzara to Entertainment Weekly.

I think our crew has done a great job. It’s a huge sense of scale and magnitude I haven’t seen on any other show as far as construction. What’s important to us is, the prison itself is now a character in the show.

It’s a haunted house, it’s scary, it’s frightening, and there are parts of the prison that are always terrifying, that are always inaccessible to our group.

It’s not necessarily the blessing that the prison in the comic book turned out to be.

“Grace Walker, who’s our production designer, has really put this thing together,” Executive Producer and Walking Dead co-creator Robert Kirkman said. “It looks absolutely amazing.”

Can the Walking Dead inject some life into their zombified denizens, and actually remain interesting? Hopefully with this third season, I can finally be proven wrong about my doubts, and settle in for a good hour of entertainment, come October.

Am I the only person who copped an Avengers feel from that first pic?

Last Updated: July 3, 2012

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