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Looks like a JACK REACHER sequel may be out of reach

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Money. It makes the world go around. It’s also the root of all evil. Which means that evil makes the world go around. Or something. I think.

All I know is that Jack Reacher is not making enough money to make a sequel come around anytime soon.

There is a mountain of material to draw from in Lee Child’s original books about the vigilante drifter, which is why Paramount initially launched Jack Reacher – based on Childs’ novel  “One Shot” – as the frontrunner of a new franchise. But it looks like somebody just jumped all over those plans’ couch.

Jack Reacher has done reasonably well with the critics and thus far the film is standing at a total worldwide gross of $153 million, which at first glance seems like a pretty respectable number. That respectability is compounded when you consider the fact that the film actually only had a budget of around $60 million. But apparently making more than double your money back in a month is not enough for Paramount.

According to THR‘s sources though, the studio has projected that for a sequel to happen the film would have to reach a $250 million mark worldwide. It’s at this point where we now start making the obligatory jokes about how the diminutive Tom Cruise cannot reach (pun fully intended) a high goal set for him.

But wait, there’s hope yet. The film still has to open in the Asian markets, and if it does ““exceptional business” there, Paramount would be willing to take another look. That is of course, if subsequent contract negotiations with Cruise allow a sequel can come in at about the same budget.

Now Tom Cruise has traditionally done well in the Asian market, but another $100 million from there, especially considering that The Hobbit still has to open and would pose some strong competition in the key China territories, is a bit of a tall order. (Hobbit, Tom Cruise, tall order? That short joke writes itself.)

If you really enjoyed what the pairing of Tom Cruise and director Ralph McQuarrie cooked up in Jack Reacher though (and we did), and are feeling bummed that you won’t be able to get some more, then no need to worry. At this point it’s looking pretty likely that McQuarrie will find himself in the director’s chair of the new Mission: Impossible movie that Cruise and JJ Abrams are busy setting up.

Last Updated: January 16, 2013

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