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Looks like BAD SANTA might return with some help from an Entourage

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Or a writer of that cult show at least. Doug Ellin, the creator of Entourage is currently looking at helping out with Bad Santa 2. And maybe more.


Ellin has signed on to rewrite the current script, and might even be directing Billy Bob Thornton in the sequel. Shooting is currently scheduled to begin at the end of this year, most likely in order to make a December release date in 2014.

The original script for Thornton’s foul-mouthed alcoholic mall Santa thief character with a heart was written by Johnny Rosenthal, and if Ellin can slot his Entourage movie plans in with Bad Santa, he might be able to direct as well. It could be a good fit for Ellin. Bad Santa and Entourage both have some random and obscure humour laced within them, but perhaps Ellin can bring the best out of both of those projects.

If you haven’t seen the first Bad Santa, then you’re missing out. Thornton may be a detestable human being in the film, but…ok, he doesn’t really do much to redeem himself, but it’s still funny nonetheless. Hopefully, this time it won’t star two great actors who pass away shortly afterwards as well.

Damn, I miss Bernie Mac and John Ritter.

Last Updated: May 31, 2013

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