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Luc Besson talks about that incredible VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS trailer

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So last week saw the release of a new screenshots and an exciting trailer for Luc Besson’s upcoming film, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets. Along with the hype of the new footage being released, the director also participated in several Q&A sessions where he got to reveal a little more of what we can expect from the film (And he even answered some of our questions on Twitter!). But in an interview with /Film, the fan-favourite director got to spill the beans even more about Valerian.

First up he spoke about the popular use of Beatles song ‘Because’ in the trailer:

It’s actually a first time in forty years that they allowed a film to get the original song. Usually, it’s a cover. But they never have the rights for the original one. I asked. I say please. I mean, you never know until you ask. So we just ask and, I mean, I didn’t talk to Paul [McCartney], but it sounds like the project just felt like it was appropriate. I wish I would know. I would love to talk to him to say thanks. But at least we have it.

We have the song first and then we did the trailer with it. We did the opposite. We tried to find a feeling first musically and say, okay, what is the color of the music of what we want to say? And the song was what we wanted. It’s perfect. It’s like ah, oh there’s everything in it that we like for the film. And then after it was easy.


It is a great piece of music that definitely suited the trailer. But the trailer was more a visual spectacle than an audible one and so the bigger information we want to know is more around the special effects. Besson is no strange to these in his films, but he also has a love for practical effects, so how did he balance the two:

I think this film is the perfect example of how you can mix everything in at the same time. And not having C.G. or practical or, you know, but it’s a mix. Later I will take you in the room to show you that sometimes on some aliens, Weta asked for half of the costume.

So they have a piece of the costume. And they can build from that. Because it helps them on the movement. You know it’s better for them because otherwise, the animators come back to the pattern. You know, and the movement is always the kind of same. There is nothing better than a human movement. So for most of the aliens, I need a piece of something real, and then they build the rest. So it’s pretty amazing.


Given the director’s love for world building, it should be no surprise that there exists a 600 page document that details the universe and all the creatures that live in it, which is an expansion of the graphical novel on which it is based. That is a lot of detail that just sits in the background of the film, but Besson doesn’t intend for it to go to waste, as he is already thinking that if the film is a success, it’s a world he would love to dive into again:

I can do much more if you want. No problem, I can sign for number two and three right now. ‘Cause the reality is I love the two characters. ‘Cause it’s a comic book that I read when I was ten. And I’m in love with them since. So I can finish my life with them. No problem.

Sequels are not something he does a lot of and given some of his popular films, it is quite surprising. That he has this much confidence in the world of Valerian, hopefully means he sees it as potentially even greater than those films.


Name aside, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets is definitely pressing all the right buttons for me and after several years of Besson misfires, it looks like he is back. I could also just be a sucker for all the hype and end up being disappointed – but for now, I’m happy to have my ticket aboard this hype train.

Last Updated: November 15, 2016

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