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MACGRUBER 2 is on the way – MaaaaaaacGruuuuuuber!

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MacGruuuuuuuber! One of my favourite guilty pleasure films has to be MacGruber. And if you disagree with that, I’ll stick a piece of celery up my ass and distract you before moving in for a throat-rip kill. I RIP THROATS OUT, IT’S WHAT I DO!

Will Forte was the man with a mullet wig in that flick, as he parodied MacGuyver way better than a KFC ad ever could. MacGruber wasn’t the most successful film of 2010, but it managed to gain a cult following in the months after it went onto home entertainment media. And now, Forte is looking to sequel his character back onto the big screen.

“June 10th my writing partners John Solomon, Jorma Taccone and I are locking ourselves in a room and writing it,” Forte said to Rolling Stone at the Cannes Film Festival.

We were happy with how the original came out. I guess you wouldn’t call it a success but people got to see it, sometimes you just have to be happy with that.

It wasn’t a success, but it was ridiculously funny all the same. With an emphasis on the ridiculous. And bad disguises. And journals filled with hate. And attempting to give Val Kilmer the most extreme circumcision in human history. If you haven’t seen the original film yet, do yourself a favour and go rent it. Despite being more ridiculous than a marathon of Charlie the Unicorn cartoons, the film still has a top notch cast that includes Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillipe, alongside Forte and Kilmer.


Last Updated: May 28, 2013

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