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MAKING A MURDERER filmmakers want to create a follow up series

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If you haven’t watched the Netflix series, Making A Murder by now then you must at least have heard about it by now. Since it’s release last year the intriguing and infuriating documentary has been on the lips of people world-wide and through a little chatter at the office my interest was thoroughly peaked. So I sat down to watch Making A Murderer and by the end of the first episode I was completely hooked! It was all I could think about, and I spent the next few weeks looking for others that have watched it so I could release the multitudes of thoughts I had circling my mind on the controversial show.

Countless views, hoards of news articles and smaller documentaries have since followed and it seems that with the huge popularity that the show has enjoyed and with the massive public outcry, the man who has inspired the doccie in the first place, Steven Avery has found himself in a position to continue his fight with the American Justice System. And in turn the filmmakers from the original series, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos are set to continue this story with a follow-up series – following the continuing court battles of Avery with his new defense team.

Here’s a short breakdown of the series, so if you have never watched any of the episodes of Making a Murderer and you have no idea what it’s about then I would suggest you stop reading now as spoiler are on the way.

So there is this guy, Steven Avery. He is from a hillbilly family in Manitowok County in America and due to some run ins with the law he became a bit of a target for the local police department. Avery then at some point is arrested for rape and get sent to jail where he served 18 years for the crime before it came about that he was in fact not guilty of the crime. A couple of years after being freed and in the middle of a huge lawsuit against the state for his wrongful conviction he gets arrested again when a young woman goes missing and parts of her body are discovered on his family property. The poor guy is currently still serving a life sentence for this crime as well as his nephew Brendon Dassey.


The documentary has received some criticism for being biased and for failing to provide the full case against Avery and his nephew. If you like me however, you will do a little of your own research and form your own opinion on this story. One thing is for sure, the filmmaker for Making A Murderer did just what you want from this genre – It got people talking.

I highly recommend catching this show, it is riveting, intriguing and will leave you bewildered.

Last Updated: February 29, 2016

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