Mark Wahlberg is considering going solo

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With soldiers now proving to be a bankable alternative for action heroes, expect to see more of the brave men and women who serve their respective nations on the big screen soon.

Mark Wahlberg is hopping in on that box office action, as he’s looking to sign up with Ben Foster for Lone Survivor.

Adapted from the book that was written by Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Roberston, the book tells a tale of the four-man squad of Navy SEALS who had to fight their way through over 250 Al Quaeda soldiers, with only one member surving the ambush.

And that’s the part that Wahlberg is going to play. No word yet on which role Foster will inhabit, but as soon as funding comes through for the Peter Berg directed project, we’ll most likely find out.

Hoo ha!


Last Updated: February 29, 2012

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