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Mary Elizabeth Winstead talks about the secrecy of 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE

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So how about that secret Cloverfield sequel, huh? Two weeks ago, out of completely nowhere, producer JJ Abrams suddenly dropped the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, which he referred to as a “blood relative” to director Matt Reeves’ 2008 cult classic found-footage monster movie. What was even more surprising about this new movie was that it had seemingly been in development for some time now already, with most people either completely unaware of it, or thinking it was a totally different movie.

Which it actually kind of was, as it had seemingly started life as a pot boiler thriller about a lady who is involved in a car accident, only awaken in an underground bunker with a man who claims he rescued her from the carnage of some unnamed calamity on the surface. The original pitch hinted at a nuclear war, but it would seem that now instead it would be the Cloverfield monster attack that has driven these people below ground. Well, we think, because in completely normal JJ Abrams fashion, this movie has been completely wrapped up in secrecy for the entire time it’s been in development.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the abovementioned lady in this story and EW spoke to her about how amazing it is that everything about this movie has stayed under wraps for this long.

“There is this veil of secrecy to it from the very beginning. We were making this movie in this little bubble where nobody else knew what we were doing and there’s really only three actors in the whole thing, so it kind of felt like this really intimate experience. Now that it’s about to come out, it’s sort of crazy — like, ‘Oh yeah, people are excited to see this movie.’ I forgot that that was going to happen.”


The other two parties of the “three actors” that Winstead mentions is John Goodman and John Gallagher Jr, and the actress says that working with so few people in such an enclosed environment, gave the whole production an almost theatre play feel. All of which just added to the intense atmosphere.

“It’s so much about just the actors interacting with each other and that tension that builds, just all wondering if they are who they say the are, if they’re telling the truth or not, and really wondering what’s outside.”

And exactly what is outside? Well, Winstead isn’t sharing, even though she hints that that may have changed from the movie’s original inception.

“We always have the script. We know where it’s all leading to. As production went on there were rewrites, as there usually are, but nothing that was major. It was always something that I knew we weren’t going to be able to talk about until people saw the movie.

Clearly, Ms Winstead had graduated top of her class at the JJ Abrams School of Not Telling You Anything. 10 Cloverfield Lane, whatever it may actually turn out to be, is scheduled for international release on 11 March. Yes, this coming 11 March in just over a month’s time. And if that still too long to wait, then you can check out that gripping trailer again below.

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Last Updated: February 2, 2016

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