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MEGA-MAN upgrading to the big screen

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In what can only be a bid to jump onto the massively lucrative ‘Videogame to Big screen’ bandwagon… no wait. What? Video games made for the big screen bring in as much action as Trevor in a cheerleading camp? Oh, I see. We all know that games adapted into movies are creations that even Dr. Frankenstein wouldn’t want to bring to life (you only have to look at Kervyn’s most recent review on Hitman: Agent 47 to see that) so why CAPCOM is doing this with one of their most beloved IP’s, I just don’t know.

According to The Tracking Board 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment are developing a “Mega Man” movie with David Ready and Michael Finfer playing the overseers part and Peter Chernin the producer (together they brought us the incredible reboot of Planet of the Apes). I suppose that SHOULD make me feel confident but it doesn’t. Mega-Man was great because of its 8-Bit origins. It was a fun side-scroller that required quick reflexes and that’s about it. I mean the narrative doesn’t exactly stand out as something deep or particularly original.


For those who don’t know (and are probably sitting chewing on their socks in the Trevor corner) it’s about a scientist called Dr. Light. He creates good robots that his evil counter-part Dr. Wily then re-programmes to take over the world. In order to stop him, Dr. Light upgrades his assistant bot (no, not THAT type of assistant, sies!) by adding armour and a gun. Each time this new ‘Mega-Man’ robot beats an enemy he is able to absorb their powers and use their weapons. That’s it. How that will translate to the big screen I don’t know. Fans of the series have been begging CAPCOM to make a new game, but sadly it seems they’ll have to live with a movie instead. I mean, do YOU want this instead of a game?

Last Updated: September 4, 2015


  1. I wouldn’t mind a Mega-Man movie, especially if it looks like Astroboy, quite enjoyed that


  2. Alien Emperor Trevor

    September 4, 2015 at 17:16



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