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Mel Gibson fights thieves and a hurricane in the action thriller Force of Nature

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Force of Nature is the upcoming crime action-thriller from director Michael Polish (Twin Falls Idaho) and written by Cory Miller (making his feature debut). It stars Mel Gibson, Kate Bosworth, Emile Hirsch, and David Zayas – a pretty damn good cast for what’s essentially a B-grade action movie.

On the eve of a massive hurricane making landfall in Puerto Rico, Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) stars as a cop who’s making sure all the residents of an apartment complex have evacuated safely when he encounters a young woman (Kate Bosworth – Superman Returns) struggling to get her elderly father (Mel Gibson) to leave his apartment. This delay in evacuating the building puts them in the path of another destructive force – a group of thieves using the hurricane as cover for a robbery.

The official plot synopsis is as follows:

As disgraced cop Cardillo (Emile Hirsch) races to evacuate an apartment building, he comes across Dr. Troy (Kate Bosworth) and her retired detective father, Ray (Mel Gibson). When a murderous gang of thieves arrives to rob a wealthy tenant, they must join forces to battle the criminals and escape with their lives before the entire city is deep underwater.

Let’s take a look:

If it wasn’t for the cast I doubt I’d give this movie the time of day. If there’s one thing Mel Gibson is really good at, it’s playing the tough guy in an action movie – and unlike many of his peers who appear in movies like this simply for the paycheque, he actually does put in the work too, and that elevates the whole production. He even makes the clichéd dialogue sound good.

Anyway, if you’re looking to while away a couple of hours with a mindless action movie that you haven’t seen before – here you go. What do you think?

Force of Nature is due for release via digital and on-demand on 30 June. It also stars Stephanie Cayo, Will Catlett, Swen Temmel, Tyler Jon Olsen, Jasper Polish, and Jorge Luis Ramos.

Last Updated: May 20, 2020

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  1. It’s funny because they put two blocks of C4 on a wooden door…. that’s probably enough the level the entire floor. Also it reminds me of the movie Hard Rain with Morgan Freeman and Christian Slater. Look that bomb up kids.


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