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Meryl Streep and JJ Abram to team up for TV series THE NIX

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And it looks like two of Hollywood’s biggest names might be teaming up for a new TV production. Deadline is reporting that 3165 times Oscar nominated Meryl Streep (tip – she hasn’t been nominated this many times, but we can’t count to the real figure either way, so here you go) and JJ Abrams, perhaps the hottest producer at the moment, are looking to adapt popular novel The Nix into a TV series for Warner Bros.

The Nix is based on a best-selling novel of the same name by Nathan Hill. The novel features quite a broad and varied plot, which should make it perfect for adaptation to a TV series. The story is a sprawling generational tale that focuses on a hippie-era mother who gets national press exposure for throwing rocks at a conservative governor on the presidential campaign trail. Before you know it, her estranged son — a professor, aspiring novelist and general underachiever (that last part sounds like Nick) — seizes an opportunity to get himself out of debt by writing a scathing profile of his estranged mother. Nasty stuff indeed.


Now, we don’t have official word on the exact role Streep (who is producing alongside Abram Bad Robot studios) will be playing in the series, but you can expect it will likely be a lead role, perhaps that of the mother and that her performance will be up for a variety of awards come end of the season. Similarly, while JJ Abrams will not be directing the entire first season, he is expected to direct several episodes and will probably set the style of the series for others to follow.

Both can seemingly do no wrong at the moment in regards to the quality of their work, so there is definitely reason to get excited about this one.

Last Updated: September 12, 2016

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