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Michael Bay could be directing a GHOST RECON movie!

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Stealth. Covert. Subtle. These are the words you’d associate with an elite, super secret, special ops squad. They are also the exact opposite of everything about Michael Bay. And yet, this chalk and explosive cheese pairing are being thrown together anyway.


Variety reports that the Master of Baysplosion has signed with videogame publisher Ubisoft to develop a feature film adaptation of their popular “Ghost Recon” franchise.

Set in the fictional world created by author Tom Clancy, the Ghost Recon unit are an elite special forces group that acts as the US President’s personal ninja-soldiers, using cutting edge and experimental weaponry and equipment to enter any conflict around the world, defuse the situation and get out before anybody even knows they were there.

Though I’m guessing that with Bay at the helm, somebody’s going to know they’re there, otherwise how could he justify all those explosions he probably has planned?

This is actually the third feature film project that Ubisoft – who said they wanted to work with Bay because “he is a master at action movies” – have begun developing based on their videogame franchises. Michael Fassbender will produce and star in Assassin’s Creed, while Tom Hardy will be playing the lead in Splinter Cell, another property based in Tom Clancy’s literary universe, while Nickelodeon will be developing an animated series based on the Raving Rabbids series of games.

Now viedogame adaptations don’t exactly have the greatest track record when it comes to making good movies, but what the French game publisher is doing differently though, to do things like comic book publisher Marvel did. Instead of licensing out their properties to others, they have created their own film development division, Ubisoft Motion Pictures, with Jean-Julien Baronnet as CEO, so as to “be in a situation where we’re not making mainstream movies but movies that can respect the DNA of our game franchises.”

They essentially package the entire adaptation, complete with the director, star and script of their choosing, before shopping it off as partnership with another big film studio. Twentieth Century Fox will be joined them for Splinter Cell, New Regency are tackling Assassins Creed, while it looks Warner Bros will be bankrolling Ghost Recon.


This actually marks the very first time that Bay will be working with WB. Well, could be working with. Ubisoft and Bay are in the process of getting screenwriters on board now, and plan to start approaching actors in July and if that’s all agreeable to the Bayinator, he will then also take up the director’s chair on top of producing.

If so, he wouldn’t be the first person to direct a Ghost Recon movie though. That honour belongs to Francois Alaux and Herve de Crecy, who directed a 24-minute long short film titled Ghost Recon: Alpha last year. The Ridley Scott produced short was made to help promote the release of “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier”, the latest entry in the videogame franchise.

Here’s the full short film, which should give an idea of what a Ghost Recon movie could look like. Only with lots more things blowing up of course. Oh, and a scantily clad hot girl whose makeup never comes off and hair never gets undone in the face of all out war. Got to have one of those.

Last Updated: June 12, 2013

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  1. Shut up and take my money! I’d so watch Bay blowing things up in this context!


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