Michael Fassbender prepares to get all mythical

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Out of all the actors emerging in Hollywood today, Michael Fassbender has to be one of my favourites. A talented and skilled thespian, he’s also enjoyed a successful run on the silver screen lately, in films such as X-men First Class, Haywire and Shame.

And for his next role, he’s about to get all Celtic when he brings a legendary myth to life.

With a script written by Ronan “Public Enemies” Bennett, the film will focus on the Irish hero Cuchulain, from the Ulster Myth Cycle, a hero who was the Celtic equivalent of Achilles, who would often undergo intense battle frenzies before jumping into a fight.

While Fassbender will play the title character, there’s no word yet of a director or even a release date, so it may still be a while before we see the actor dip into his inner berserker.

In the meantime however, Fassbender is appearing in Prometheus, a film that as many a Xenomorph expert uncovering secrets to it’s prequely nature.

Last Updated: February 20, 2012

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