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Midweek Movie Mouth-off: Could this be DiCaprio’s Oscar year?

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After five nominations between four movies in three different categories and still no Oscar, never mind all of his roles that he should have been nominated for and wasn’t, Leonardo DiCaprio not winning an Academy Award has become a cliché. But this year might just be his year. His latest offering, The Revenant, has lit up the box office and, more importantly, has critics all abuzz.

The Revenant did well at the Golden Globes, winning Best Motion Picture (Drama), Best Director and yes, DiCaprio got it for Best Motion Picture Actor (Drama). It’s always been thought that the Golden Globes have been indicative of how the Academy Awards will go, even though there can be some surprises. We don’t have the official list of Academy Award nominations yet, but if DiCaprio isn’t there I’ll be very surprised. If he does miss out this year, I just hope that they don’t end up giving him a pity Oscar in a few years’ time, or a lifetime achievement award. That would just be insulting.

But let’s hear what you think. Will this be the year that we can finally end the jokes about DiCaprio’s Oscar-less state, or do you think his chances are about as likely as Half Life 3? Either way, are you planning on watching The Revenant when it opens in two weeks time?

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Last Updated: January 13, 2016

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