Midweek Movie Mouth-Off: Finally, an R-Rated Comic Book Movie!

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I touched on the topic of ratings ruining movies last year, and I’ll stand by my opinion, making a movie PG to reach a wider audience is more likely to be a hindrance than a help. Nothing brings this into sharper focus than a movie based on a comic book, especially Deadpool. We know Ryan Reynolds campaigned long and hard to give us the Deadpool movie we deserve, full of blood and guts and lots of swearing like Deadpool himself and I am so glad it’s finally happening.

Let’s face it, comics aren’t for children. Well, I’ll concede, at least that they aren’t solely for children. Yes, Superman and Captain America might be inspiring figures to look up to for a child and have all the moral lessons you need while growing up, but the comics themselves have always been for the mature audience. This isn’t exactly breaking news. Yet, studios always soften the movie adaptations to reach a wider audience so they can make bank at the box office and sell more merchandise. This isn’t exactly breaking news either. But when it comes to comic book movies? Do the source material some justice, please, or run the risk of suffocating this genre under a coddling blanket of PG-13 stagnation.

I’m not saying that The Avengers: Age of Ultron would have been better with more swearing (though it would have been funny to watch Captain America get more and more irate – maybe that was the trigger for Civil War?), but a few other comic book adaptations spring to mind. The original X-Men trilogy? That could have used some spicing up. Any of the Wolverine movies afterwards as well. Or how about we revisit Spawn? There are so many comic book movies that could have done with that little bit extra, and if Deadpool is paving the way to a new era of comic book adaptations (and with a sequel already approved, that seems more than likely), then maybe there’s some hope left.

So, if you could, which comic book movies would you remake in all their R-rated glory? Alternatively, which comic book series are you glad can finally reach the big screen without being hamstrung by a family friendly rating?

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Last Updated: February 10, 2016

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