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Midweek Movie Mouth-off: good actors, bad choices

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Not every movie that an actor or actress takes on can be an Oscar-worthy performance. Sometimes, they might take on a role just to get a pay-check. Sometimes they haven’t been in anything for a while, and need the visibility. Sometimes it’s even a vanity projects that someone should have convinced them to put down. But sometimes, good Hollywood stars make such consistently bad choices, you’ve got to wonder what is going on.

I’ll get the obvious one out the way for you: Nicholas Cage. If you’ve seen movies like Face/Off, Matchstick Men, Kick-Ass and Lord of War, you’ll know he’s a solid actor. Heck, I even liked him in Snake Eyes and National Treasure (but only the first one). But, Like Darryn pointed out in last week’s Top List Thursday, Cage is seemingly content to pop up in any movie these days. Between random crap like The Wicker Man, Season of the Witch, Left Behind and (shudder) the Ghost Rider movies, Cage looks like he’s seriously fallen on some hard times.

Who do you think needs to fire their agent and stop making awful movie choices?

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Last Updated: September 9, 2015

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