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Midweek Movie Mouth-Off: TV trailers gone wrong

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It’s difficult to get a movie trailer right, and trailers for TV shows are even harder, given the amount of material they have to work with. You need to show enough to get a decent amount of hype, but you don’t want to overplay your hand and give everything away. You also need to piece it together juuust right. It’s a fine balance, one that the trailer to Supergirl did not manage to achieve.

Going on the trailer alone, I feel like I’ve already watched the first five episodes. It was overly long, showed you pretty much everything about the character and her development, an annoying amount of clichés and way too much focus on the girl part of Supergirl. It’s almost put me off watching the show all together.

On the other hand, the two trailers for True Detective have the perfect balance. The first one, completely dialogue free with an emotive song, set the tone and the mood. In the second, we get to hear some dialogue, enough to get you hooked but not enough to make you feel like you’ve watched the whole damn show.

So what do you feel about trailers for TV shows? Are you forgiving enough to let a bad trailer slide and watch the show regardless, or would a terrible trailer put you off all together?

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Last Updated: May 20, 2015

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